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Winter Flower Arrangement II

Winter Flower Arrangement II


Helleborus Viburnum tinus Pittosporum Duck

This second winter flower arrangement portends the spring greens and creams that enliven our dampened winter spirits. The unopened rose buds and immature fruits of Viburnum tinus, and the airy twigs of the red beech and dark linear blades of red hook sedge break up the green monotony. The plants, which are long-lasting as cut components, used include:

Gleichenia dicarpa (tangle fern)

Helleborus x nigercors (hellebore)

Leucadendron 'Safari Goldstrike' (yellow conebush)

Nothofagus fusca (red beech)

Santolinia chamaecyparissus (cotton lavender)

Uncinia rubra (red hook sedge)

Viburnum tinus (laurestine)

Helleborus Viburnum tinus Pittosporum ferns Close Up

The pristine, minimally designed porcelain vase by well known Australian ceramicist Les Blakebrough highlights the arrangement's colors well. Because the porcelain vase is fragile, we placed two small glass jars (recycled baby food jars) and sandwiched tissue or newspaper between the jars to stabilize them inside the vase. Two individual bouquets were created and tucked into these jars.

~ Eric

Helleborus Viburnum tinus Pittosporum ferns Close Up 2

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