Eric's connection with plants began with his maternal grandparents' vegetable garden at a tender age of five, and later manifested in a pollinator-friendly herbaceous border, His time overseas in Europe and Australia has informed his aesthetic sensibilities. He currently works at Chanticleer (www.chanticleergarden.org) where he oversees curatorial duties and assists with the team in their gardens. Eric loves travel, ceramics, anything indigo and Japanese, Nordic architecture and fashion, and farmers' market. (Instagram: plinthetal)


James was born and raised in New York City where his plant passion started as a child, tucking them away in a wooden box under his bed when he was done playing with them (first lesson learned, plants need light).   He studied Fine Arts and horticulture at Longwood Gardens, honing his skills in NYC,  England, Israel and the Netherlands.  He worked as the horticulturist for the London 2012 Opening Ceremony, as a gardener at Gravetye Manor and is currently working as a head gardener at a private estate in Northeast U.S. (www.selvaspina.com) & (Instagram: james.mc.grath)

It started as emails and then letters between two friends, two horticulturists living aboard in Israel and Tasmania, Australia, who had never met. The exchanges were usually about gardens, plants, general horticulture, and expatriate living but eventually food and art started slipping in as well. Through our written conversations we saw that we shared the same passions, art and horticulture, and the details that intertwine these two worlds.

Plinth: a large heavy base that exists to negotiate between the ground and the art it supports.

Et al.:  Latin, translating to ‘and others.’

The plinth is a bridge between the ground below, representative of the garden, and the art that is expressed and displayed above.  Open dialogue exploring these two worlds and its people that continuously intertwine, inspire, and influence each other. It is a culmination of the past,  present, and our future in horticulture and the arts, the serious and the humorous, the physical and emotional, you and us. The stories and connections, tips, interviews with you, and opportunities to explore together the future ways of inspiration , that Plinth et al. is.