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Winter Flower Arrangement

Winter Flower Arrangement


Cut stems of rosemary have been carefully aligned and glued to the vase, concealing the maze of stems inside. This winter floral arrangement is essentially a natural potpourri of scented flowers that are wonderful together, as well as falling within similar colors (white, green, and pink). It incorporates the following plants:

Corylus avellana 'Contorta' (Harry Lauder's walking stick, contorted hazelnut)

Daphne odora (daphne)

Eucalyptus (eucalyptus)

Hedera rhombea 'Creme de Menthe' (variegated Japanese ivy)

Helleborus x hybridus (hellebore)

Jasminum polyanthum (pink jasmine)

Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary)

Viburnum tinus (laurestine)

Note: The hellebore flowers will not last more than a day and will need to be replaced - if a substitute is desired, ranunculus will work well.

The rosemary stems are first affixed to the sides of the vase before the main arrangement. Inside the vase, Hedera rhombea 'Creme de Menthe' and eucalyptus form a foliar scaffolding through which Viburnum tinus and Helleborus x hybridus are woven. Lastly, the jasmine and contorted filbert are gingerly tucked in, spilling out of the vase.


Close-up detail: The twisted branches of Corylus avellana 'Contorta' mirror the twining flowers of Jasminum polyanthum, adding movement to the arrangement.

The unopened buds of Jasminum polyanthum are a rich red violet, the same hue as Helleborus x hybridus, fading to pale pink, picked up by Daphne odora and Viburnum tinus. The variegated leaves of Hedera rhombea 'Creme de Menthe' breaks up the solid greens of the arrangement - 'the cream' that floats to the surface.

Allowing the jasmine and contorted filbert to spill out from the confines of the arrangement prevents the look from being too stiff.

Placed in the airy bathroom, the floral arrangement is a potpourii of winter fragrances.

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