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Sunday Clippings

Sunday Clippings


Eating and drinking seems to be the commonality in this week's early tweets as cooler weather has arrived after an unseasonably warm spell in the Northeast U.S. In addition, the cooler weather sends us into museums and cultural events for some warmth and intellectual refreshment.  Stay warm in this gray, cool rainy weather! Poe Museum's Kickstarter Campaign to Preserve Raven Illustrations

Modernizing an English Garden

The Gardener Prince

Fields of Flowers

Art in New York's Parks

Amy Merrick's Florist Website via Flowerona

Diego Rivera

Harvest Home Market Defies the Fresh Food Gap

Eating at Hotel II Pelicano

Foraging Weeds from the Garden

New York's Hottest Cider Producer

Incredible, edible cities, anyone?


To live is the rarest..

To live is the rarest..

Halloween Tableau

Halloween Tableau