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Portuguese Dreams

Portuguese Dreams


Hello Eric, How are you these days? Well I hope.  All is great here, we have been busy in the gardens here cutting meadows and raking hay.  It is physically satisfying work and as we raked the hay into lines, I couldn’t help but be reminded of  Van Gogh’s  haystack paintings.


During my time here in England, I realized I had not yet taken a vacation while at Gravetye so the time was overdue for one.  Fortunately I got to travel to Portugal for a week, specifically Lisbon, the capital city.  Did you know that in the U.K. it is standard to receive 28 days a year for vacation?  Incredible, I almost felt guilty for taking that much time (almost). Now if the U.S. adopted that policy, I just might consider coming back, maybe..  Anyway, I remember a time that you told me you have traveled to Portugal, and until now, I finally understand the mesmerizing effect the city can have on someone, and know exactly why you enjoyed it.

It is a city that seems to be a hybrid of Paris and Madrid, extremely hilly and with very romantic architecture.  There is nothing I enjoy more in a new city than wandering and never knowing what to expect around each corner and I wasn’t disappointed, and I can say that Lisbon is looking to easily become a new favorite destination.  The artistic side of the city was present around every turn, and can say that I have a new found passion for hand painted tiles that adorn many of the buildings throughout. Since I couldn’t fill my bags with them, I settled on adding two new pieces of pottery to my collection. I will spare you the details of my trip but wanted to share with you the images of the art, horticulture and the flavor of the city that made me drool in Lisbon… And just like that my Portuguese dreams are over and I have traded the hot dry heat of Lisbon and am back in the warm freshly cut meadows at Gravetye.  Until next time my friend, I hope this finds you well and smiling……  James


Be open and smile

Be open and smile

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