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Sunday Clippings

Sunday Clippings


This week is a short, but nonetheless interesting compilation of articles that focus on floral arrangements, the ever-burgeoning farm to table ethos, Piet Oudolf's new garden in Somerset,  and style lessons from the British florist Vic Brothers. August is a slow month in the garden as we wait for the autumn crescendo to begin. The days are still warm, but a noticeable chill isevident in the mornings. Enjoy the remaining days of summer!

A Rothko-Inspired Flower Arrangement

Farmer Chic: City Chefs Head to the Hudson Valley

Piet Oudolf's new garden at Somerset

Lessons from the Stylish: Vic Brothers

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/10067071]

And the seasons went..

And the seasons went..

Orchard Hygiene