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Sunday Clippings

Sunday Clippings


This week's clippings cover the health consequences of tree removal, elderberries, ceramic deception and imitation exhibit at V&A, new juniper tree disease, using wildflowers at Great Dixter, planting with geums, Picasso ceramics, and Rembrandt's Girl with a Pearl Earring.  Have a good weekend! Girl with a Pearl Earring Travels to Atlanta

Henri Carter-Bresson's Photographs

Why are Picasso ceramics cheaper than his paintings?


Wildflowers Enter Great Dixter's Borders

Christie's Picasso Ceramics Sale

New Deadly Juniper Tree Disease

V&A: Ceramics-Deception and Imitation

In Praise of the Elderberry

How Removing Trees Can Kill You

Show me..

Book Review: On the wild side: experiments in the new naturalism