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The platform between art and horticulture. 

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       It started as emails and then letters between two friends that had never met, both horticulturalists and living abroad, one in Israel the other in Tasmania.  The exchanges were usually about gardens, plants, general horticulture, and aspects of living in a foreign country but eventually food and art started slipping in there too. To our delight, we found someone with whom we could discuss the details of color, the mood of shooting a garden in the early mornings, plant combinations or explaining our latest drawings to each other. Through our written conversations we saw we shared the same passions, art and horticulture, and the details that intertwine these two worlds.

The sharing of  ideas and knowledge carried on once we both moved home, one settling in Pennsylvania and the other in New York City, while continuing to work in the horticulture field. After two years in New York, one moved back to England, and the distance sparked more fervor to dive deeply into these subjects that brought us together earlier on. Between the two of us, we have gardened and lived in a total 6 countries, crossing paths with some incredibly talented people, magnificent gardens and superb art .

This distance is what prompted this collaboration, one that has a solid foundation of  a few years to build on.  So..

What is Plinth et al.?hsu_peonies

  Plinth- a base or platform upon which a column, pedestal, statue, monument or structure rests. The plinth usually sits on the ground.

   Et al.- is latin for "and others"

  Plinth et al., a platform that supports horticulture and the arts, where we can explore and highlight the necessary relationship between the two.  It is a culmination of the past,  present, and our future in horticulture and the arts, the serious and the humorous, the physical and emotional, you and us. The stories and connections, tips, interviews with you, and opportunities to explore together the future ways of inspiration , that Plinth et al. is.

This platform is for you, the gardeners, the artists, the aesthetes, us and others,for the arts and horticulture, the mix that is Plinth et al.  Please, keep joining us and thank you.


Wednesday: Springtime Blues

 Sir John Thouron

Sir John Thouron