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Sunday Clippings

Sunday Clippings



This week is heavily slanted towards the creative field - the calligraphy of the Japanese artist Shoko Kanawaka, the green leaf motif in women's fashion, and Vincent Van Gogh's London home as art, with some sprinkling of the culinary world (black garlic, edible weeds). Ecological articles, one on a new deer tick disease and another on Chernobyl, appear as well. John Sales offer his unique take on gardens in an interview with Anne Wareham of thinkingardens and Ben Futa offers his succinct spin on getting horticulture to appeal to the mass audience. Although the summer solstice is yet here, the temperatures already feel summery! A good day to get out on the grass and read the news!


A House as Art: Vincent Van Gogh's London Home @ AnotherMag

 Rice Theory: Why Eastern Cultures are more cooperative @ NPR

Deadly New Deer Tick Disease Emerges in New York State @ OutdoorHub

What the Heck is Chickweed and Why is it on my plate @ Epicurious

Ancient 'black garlic' recipe found by farmer @ TelegraphUK

 down side up the calligraphy of Shoko Kanawaka @ Spoon and Tamago

The Enduring Appeal of Green Leaves [in Women's Fashion] @ AnotherMag

Ben Futa: 'The future of horticulture is in the 'culture'' @ KenDruse Read Dirt

My space: Luciano Giubbilei, garden designer @ TelegraphUK 

Myanmar research reveals underwater treasures @ Flora & Fauna International

At Chernobyl, Hints of Nature's Adaptations @ NYTimes

Everyone has their idea of paradise - interview with John Sales by Anne Wareham @thinkingardens

Kamal Meattle: How to grow fresh air @ TED


'All cities are mad'

'All cities are mad'

Plantsman's Corner: Glaucidium palmatum

Plantsman's Corner: Glaucidium palmatum