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Sunday Clippings

Sunday Clippings


DSC_0392 We may have passed the first day of spring here in eastern US, but the usual emblems of spring are late this year. This week's clippings are largely environmental and fashionable - opposite spheres of conservation and consumption! There are a healthy sprinkling of art pieces as well. Spring fever must been causing a font of creativity to emerge as we gradually shift from being indoors to outdoors. Enjoy the diverse selection this weekend!

The Draw of a Mail-Order Art School @ NY Times

A Landscape Designer's Airy Studio in Madrid @ Architectural Digest

Robert Mapplethorpe and Rodin @ Vogue Hommes International

Crug Farm's Exotic Plants @ Daily Telegraph

The Uniquely Decorated Shapes and Patterns of Federico Jordan @ Ape on the Moon

Second Art - Italian Hours @ NY Times

Bouquets to Art at De Young Museum @ Architectural Digest

Valentine Amartey, Tied Up @ Interview Magazine

They did what with Prada? Artists unravel $1,300 designer sweaters @ Dailymail

Size isn't everything - Small Museums @ NY Times

Forests around Chernobyl aren't decaying properly @ Smithsonian Magazine

Dries Van Noten's Top 5 Inspirations @ Another Magazine

A Growth Spurt at 1,500 Years Old @ NY Times

Competition may not be the driving force behind species diversity after all @ Wired

The annuals are coming @ The Guardian

Mysterious new made made gases pose threat to ozone layer @ BBC News

How 1.280 artworks stolen by the Nazi were hidden in a Munich apartment until 2012 @ Vanity Fair

Daniel Kovalovszky's unearthly landscapes @ Phaidon

Jeremy Holden's Rainforest Diary @ Fauna and Flora International

Artist Shio Kusaka's Mesmerizing Ceramics @ Architectural Digest

History of Street Trees in the British Isles: Medieval and Monastic Era to Aristocratic Pall Mall @ Deep Root

Spring in Cornwall @ Daily Telegraph

'The entire fruit...'

'The entire fruit...'

Beet and blood orange salad with mint and goat cheese

Beet and blood orange salad with mint and goat cheese