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Sylvia Crowe

 sketch of Paleis Het Loo, the Netherlands, 2009 - J.McGrath


   Of all books written on the subject, Sylvia Crowe's,  Garden Design, published 1958, remains top of the list, held high and praised by others for a reason.  Dame Sylvia Crowe was an English landscape architect and garden designer who wrote so clearly about how to decipher and understand the design process. Offering insightful information and advice on how to read historic garden styles, she also made it clear how to apply these principles, which still hold up in contemporary garden design today.  Her book stands the test of time since she clearly knew her subject well and  how to translate the ideas in a way for others to easily comprehend and understand. If you're a gardener, landscape architect, architect, or enjoy design,  Sylvia Crowe should be on your reading list.

'Man needs nature and if the genuine country is beyond his reach, he must be given a substitute.' -Sylvia Crowe

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the right direction

the right direction